This Saturday Night Live sketch from this weekend wasn’t particularly great, but I think there was a kernel of a good idea there. The premise is of a play being put on in 2112 that’s set a hundred years before then, in 2012, and they’re making fun of all the things about our present that are quaint by then (what our electronics were like, our non-futuristic clothing, etc.)

This is actually something I think about a lot. What sort of things are common practice now that will seem crazy to our grandchildren? Hell, when you become a parent you see how even things your parents did are now pretty unheard of (lead paint, kids riding in the front seat). If I can make one guess, I think using hormones on livestock will get eliminated. We’ll think it was outrageous all the stuff that we were putting into our bodies. (Or genetic engineering could get crazy and we’ll think it was silly we worried about eating organic at all.)

With SOPA and Protect-IP looming on the horizon, I also wonder if they or later, similar bills were to pass, if we’ll look back at the 90s/00s as the wild west of the internet, when it was okay to post anything at all and children had free access to anything they wanted. Will it seem crazy that the internet had been wide open like it is now, like how the phone company used to distribute books to everyone in your town that listed your home address and phone number, and people didn’t lock their doors?