Marvel’s February solicitations are out. While the content of the book is still “classified” until after Secret Invasion 8, you’ll notice that Brian Michael Bendis’s new series Dark Avengers is priced at $3.99 for a 32 page comic. The first issue will also cost $3.99, but I was hoping that the price bump was due to the first issue being over-sized or something. Nope. They’re just raising the price a dollar.

I’ve read everything Brian Michael Bendis has written for years, from Alias to Ultimate Spider-Man to Powers, but this is the line for me.

Other Marvel books that will cost you an extra dollar in February but won’t have extra pages:

  • Dark Tower: Guide to Gilead
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four 60
  • Ultimate X-Men 100
  • Franklin Richards: It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs
  • Hulk 10
  • X-Men Origins: Sabretooth
  • X-Men: The Life and Times of Lucas Bishop
  • X-Men: First Class Finals 1 of 4
  • Punisher: Frank Castle 67
  • Models, Inc. 1 of 4
  • Plus 14 mini-series issues that have either been $3.99 all along or have raised in price.