Rumors are flying that the next StarCraft will be an MMO. Blizzard’s a talented enough company that I don’t think they’re just make it “WoW in Space,” but I do have my fears. Blizzard tried to do a few online real-time strategy things with the battlegrounds in WoW, but they didn’t fit into the framework of the rest of the game and had to be significantly nerfed/retooled. Perhaps let me in StarCraft play and level up a squad of Protoss instead of just one character, or even raise an entire army that I play online. Maybe have ongoing campaigns that players join into, like what Alterac Valley was going to be originally. It didn’t work in WoW because people don’t want to join into a battle that started days ago and their side is losing, but if you desired the game with this stuff in mind, it could work.

All this makes me want to find a PC to play the Warhammer 40,000 RTS game.