WWDC 2007

Safari on Windows is weird. It’s like you’re almost to the Mac experience, but you’re not quite there yet. I guess this is what using iTunes is like on Windows, but I don’t use iTunes at work. At home I use Safari and at work I use Firefox. I don’t like having to get used to two browsers, but at least it reminds me where I am. Now that I can use Safari on a Windows machine at work, it makes my brain think I can do other Mac things, like hit F12 to bring up Dashboard. Also I’ve noticed that a few websites are sniffing for Safari and turning off features that it probably now supports.

Otherwise WWDC 2007 was pretty much standard. Nothing in 10.5 wow’d me, but I’m sure it’ll all be great to use. The translucent menu bar will take some getting used to, and I don’t quite understand how Stacks are implemented. Engadget has lots of info and photos up.