House Republicans seem confident their healthcare bill will succeed tomorrow. Rumor has it the White House is going to issue an executive order attempting to use religion to allow discrimination based on sexual orientation. It’s looking like it’ll one of those days you feel helpless to stop these heartless assholes.

Much of my motivation for starting Snowflake was to combat that exact feeling. ACLU and Lambda Legal have already promised to sue over the “License to Discriminate.” They’ll need money. The idea behind Snowflake is that these sorts of things are going to keep happening over the next months and [ick] years. Tomorrow it’s LGBTQ rights. The next day it’s internet privacy or public education or a new Muslim ban. It’s a lot to ask, but this is why I’m pushing for recurring donations. Once you set it up, you can have a little peace of mind knowing you’re helping out on a lot of fronts every single month.