iPhone home screen

Here are the iPhone apps I use a lot.

The first row of my home screen contains the stock four apps that almost no one changes.

In the second row, I have Birdfeed, my favorite Twitter client. It’s right below Messages because they feel similar, and long ago I used to receive tweets via SMS. I actually have Tweetie in the same position on the second screen, and I use it some, but I prefer the way Birdfeed puts each tweet in its own bubble, so it’s easier to read them, and how it displays the last time you refreshed, so you can quickly find where you left off last time. One gripe: I really need for Birdfeed to support Twitter’s not-so-new-anymore retweet functionality. Next comes Birdhouse, which I adore, and the icon matches Birdfeed’s nicely. On the second screen in this position is the Tumblr app. Idea being, I guess, that things I use to write for the Web go in row two, column two. It’s above Notes since they’re both about jotting things down. Maps and weather are next.

Calculator goes on row three column one. (One the second screen, in that position is Convert.) Notes is next, which I’d “upgrade” to Simplenote if I wrote all that many notes. (Although Simplenote seems to be free now, so I probably will.) Ninjawords is next. It’s simple and clean, and doesn’t do anything but let me quickly look up the definition of a word. (I wish it’d automatically pop up the keyboard on launch, though. Wikipanion does.) I’m looking things up on Wikipedia frequently, so I have Wikipanion on the front page. In its slot on page two is IMDb’s app.

I only recently started using Instapaper, and I’m hooked now. Any article I find that’s long-ish goes into it, so I can read it when I have more time to focus. I think it’s going to be the iPad’s killer app. NetNewsWire is next, above Email since they’re both about reading things. It syncs with Google Reader, which is crucial, and has a nice shortcut menu for sending articles to Instapaper. I use Things on my Mac, so its iPhone companion is here. Having it on my phone is amazing. I’ll frequently think of things I need to do but get distracted and not get to them for days. Now I can jot them down and then actually remember to do them (provided I remember to sync with my Mac, but I’ve made that part of my routine). Lastly, Apple’s Remote app, which I use to control the AppleTV at home. It’s right above the iPod app since they’re both about being slaves to the credit card tied to my Apple account.

Other things:

  • 1Password touch is on page two. A few months ago I actually went through all of my commonly-used Websites, for which I’d been using a single password, and generated random ones for them. I don’t use 1Password on my Mac (the stock Keychain works fine for me), but having them on my phone is important, and 1Password works nicely. It means I sometimes have to copy down random strings of letters and numbers into the phone, but the security is nice to have.
  • Settings, the iTunes Store, and the App Store moved off the front page long ago. I don’t access any of them too frequently.
  • I don’t play many games on my phone. I like the idea of it, and have enjoyed the few I’ve bought, but typically the time I’d be playing games would be on the Metro, and I’m usually reading a book instead.