A few years ago Marvel raised the price of its standard comic book to $3.99. DC decided to keep its prices at $2.99 and put a “holding the line at $2.99” slogan on its covers. A few months in, though, and it hasn’t helped DC’s sales. Marvel editor Tom Brevoort:

I think DC lowering their prices was a nice gambit, but what’s become very clear is that people pay for the stuff they want. So they got virtually no uptick on their sales, but cut a quarter of their profit margin away. But as a general rule, if people want to read Booster Gold, then they’ll read Booster Gold at whatever the price is (assuming it’s worth it to them), but the average reader isn’t going to stop reading X-Factor and start reading Booster Gold simply because of the price difference. They might stop reading X-Factor if they find that it’s not worth the money to them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly become interested in Booster Gold.

I wonder, though. DC’s sales haven’t gone up, but has good will? Marvel’s doing variant covers galore, putting comic in polybags, and has raised it prices. DC’s doing a huge line-wide reboot to increase its approachability. DC could well lose, but at least it seems to respect its customers more.