A List of Items From Macworld 09

In order of my interest of them:

  1. No more copy protection in iTunes. I’ll likely upgrade all of my music when I get home shortly. Honestly I’m rarely tripped up by the restrictions on iTunes music-I think they bargained for fairly loose rules-but what does get me sometimes is when iTunes forgets my authorization.
  2. Flickr integration in iPhoto. iLife updates always look neat in the demo but aren’t worth it to me to actually spend money on. The geotagging and facial recognition geegaws are probably really neat but I wouldn’t upgrade for them, but being able to upload right to Flickr without a plugin is great. Ditto Facebook, if I really used that thing much. Not saying I’ll buy iLife ‘09, but it’s more enticing than any prior release.
  3. iPhone Keynote Remote App. (Not that I ever give presentations.)
  4. New Big MacBook Pros. I don’t see myself ever being in the market for one of these. For the price you can get an iMac with an ever bigger screen and a MacBook.