All Sorts of Things About Apple Making a TV

As much as I’d like Apple to release a TV, I’ve got a lifetime TiVo subscription and didn’t plan to buy a new TV for 10+ years. Anyway, here’s what people are saying (purely speculatively):

  1. Apple Insider: “Evidence Points Toward Apple Releasing HDTV This Year
  2. Marco Arment: “The Often-Rumored Apple HDTV
  3. Chuck Dixon: “Apple and the TV Industry
  4. Neven Mrgan: “Apple’s TV
  5. M.G. Siegler: “On Apple’s Must-See TV

It’s impossible for my brain not to go wild speculating about how it would work. I think the key would be integrating live and previously-released shows into one interface. You could see what’s “on” right now or watch whatever you’ve downloaded/recorded. Maybe you buy a unit with a preset Comcast subscription like you buy an iPhone with AT&T and it comes already programmed for your local cable package. Or maybe Apple would have deals directly with the networks and sports leagues. You wouldn’t need a DVR if, for example, the NFL offered direct streams of games and NBC let you preload shows for the night they’re broadcast.