Apple vs. Google

David Pogue’s review of Google’s new Nexus One telephone elicited a lot of hate mail. He notes, “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that. Where have I seen… oh, yeah, that’s right! It’s like the Apple/Microsoft wars!”

I’ve seen this, too (in my more casual world). What interests me is that Google and Apple don’t compete directly in many spheres. Cellphones, now, but not in search nor advertising, Google’s main business. While Apple does offer MobileMe, which competes with Gmail and Picasa, and with iWeb Blogger, I guess, but no one really sees them as being on the same bar. With Android, though, Google’s entering the telephone market and with ChromeOS, the computer world. Yet in many ways most of their services interoperate perfectly. I use Gmail via Safari and Mail, and Apple makes tons of money from search bonuses when people search Google in Safari.

Pogue continues:

The irony is, of course, that once upon a time, Apple was perceived as the counterculture underdog. But 200 million iPods later, some people obviously see the former “think different” company as the “you’re all a bunch of consumer sheep” company.