Back to the Mac 2

Expanding on a tweet from the other night, I can’t help but wonder what the next phase of iOS will go “back to the Mac” in the next year or two.

  • iCloud backups, presumably in addition to Time Machine, since redownloading all your files would take forever and you’d rather do it from a local drive instead. Notably, a growing amount of my stuff is already backed up with Apple or elsewhere online. My photos are in iCloud along with calendars, contacts, etc. My email’s all on an IMAP server. When iTunes Match launches all my music will be there (if I sign up). A presumed forthcoming update to iWork will put my documents there. The Mac App Store has the few apps I’ve bought there but there are still lots I got elsewhere. Steam allows redownloads of games.
  • Siri and voice dictation. Maybe not as useful as when on the go, but certainly as Siri evolves there could be new desktop applications.
  • Game Center
  • Notification Center. Not sure where exactly this would go in the OS. Maybe just a built-in Growl. As I said earlier this year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dock go away, with Mission Control, Launch Pad, and a new Notification Center would replacing its functionality.
  • FaceTime and iMessage integrated with iChat. It seems really strange to me that both iChat and FaceTime do video chat. Texting isn’t chatting, but it seems like these could be combined.