Casanova: Avaritia Chapter Songs

The last issue of Casanova’s second volume, “Gula” was divided into fourteen short chapters. Each chapter’s title referred to a song, making a soundtrack for the issue. At the back of the issue, writer Matt Fraction wrote a brief piece about what each song means to him. Listening to the songs while reading the issue is a neat experience. With the third volume, “Avaritia”, every issue has chapter-songs. Fraction doesn’t name what band they’re from in the back matter, so here they are, with links to iTunes for the ones that are for sale there.

Issue One:

  1. “Wizard Buys a Hat” by The Mountain Goats from Satanic Messiah EP¹
  2. I’m in Love with My Car” by Queen from A Night at the Opera
  3. “Everything is Over” by Ngozi Family²

Issue Two:

  1. “’Til I Die” by The Beach Boys, as covered by The Josephine Wiggs Experience from Bon Bon Lifestyle³
  2. Man on the Moon” by REM from Automatic for the People
  3. “Night is Over” by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant from Sabrina Heaven4

Issue Three:

  1. The Width of a Circle” by David Bowie from The Man Who Sold the World
  2. La Ritournelle” by Sébastien Tellier from Politics
  3. “You’re Just a Product of the Times” by Arthur Lee & Love from Black Beauty and Rarities (unreleased)5

Issue Four:

  1. “Cameras in Brooklyn” was the original title of David Bowie’s “Up the Hill Backwards,” which appeared on Scary Monsters. A bootleg called Vampires of of Human Flesh has an early version of the song.
  2. “People Are Turning to Gold” was the original title of David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes,” which also appeared on Scary Monsters.
  3. We Are the Dead” by David Bowie from Diamond Dogs. Also the title of the short story “Dit Dit Dit Dah Dah Dah Dit Dit” that was added to “Gula” in the color reprints refers to this song.

  1. Confirmed by Fraction on Twitter.
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