Classic Doctor Who on Netflix Instant Queue

Here is a great list of all of the classic Doctor Who DVDs that Netflix has in their proper chronological order. Below I’ll list just the ones that you can watch instantly as of today. No guarantee they won’t add more or remove these in the future, of course.

  1. The Aztecs
  2. The Mind Robber
  3. Spearhead from Space
  4. The Three Doctors
  5. Carnival of Monsters
  6. The Green Death
  7. The Ark in Space
  8. Pyramids of Mars
  9. Horror of Fang Rock
  10. The Ribos Operation
  11. The Pirate Planet
  12. The Androids of Tara
  13. The Power of Kroll
  14. The City of Death
  15. The Leisure Hive
  16. The Visitation
  17. The Caves of Androzani
  18. The Curse of Fenric

I don’t know why the DVDs that are available to stream were chosen and not others. Many of the ones I understand to be the essential stories are DVD-only. Of those that can be streamed, all but the Sixth and Eighth Doctors are represented (though Eight only appeared once, anyway).

It should be said that Doctor Who is not a terribly continuity-driven show. There’s no need at all to start at the beginning. The series since 2005 stands alone very nicely, and I certainly recommend starting with the newer series first before going back to watch the older episodes. Season five (the most recent) is a great jumping-on point if you don’t want to go back to season one (though you should!). Here are the newer seasons on Netflix:

  1. Season One
  2. Season Two
  3. Season Three
  4. Season Four
  5. The Next Doctor
  6. Planet of the Dead
  7. Waters of Mars
  8. The End of Time
  9. Season Five

Season five isn’t streaming yet, but it just came out on DVD so there might be a waiting period. There was an almost two-year break between seasons four and five, so the four special episodes (The Next Doctor through The End of Time) fill that gap and are crucial to the development of the Tenth Doctor’s character.