David Harper has been doing Metacritic style review averages of DC’s relaunch for Multiversity Comics all month. Here’s the final scores. The books that rank above the standard deviation for the group are:

  1. Batman
  2. Batwoman
  3. Swamp Thing
  4. I, Vampire
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. Animal Man
  7. Action Comics
  8. Aquaman

You can see the whole list at the Multiversity site. Personally I’d move I, Vampire out of the top but it definitely has some promise and is probably the biggest surprise of the relaunch. Green Lantern scores a little low because it’s expected. It’s been a solid but rarely exceptional book for years but I think critics expected Johns and Makhne to do more than deliver at the same level. Stability is good but doesn’t tend to blow critics away. Aquaman was more fun than people thought it’d be, obviously, but the issue does a lot of talking directly to the reader. Justice League scores unfairly low because it was supposed to be the mission flagship for the entire line and was instead merely fine. I think it’s a better book than, say, Batwing, which sits opposite it on the bell curve.

My top picks would be (alphabetically) Action Comics, All Star Western, Animal Man, Batman, Batwoman, Demon Knights, The Flash, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman.