DC Nation Shorts

Over the past few years DC Entertainment has produced a bunch of animated shorts that air during its “DC Nation” block at 10 on Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network. Some of them are super fun, so I made a playlist of the ones that are (more or less) appropriate for small children: DC Nation playlist.

This came about from my desire to find some female superhero videos to supplement my elder daughter’s love of Batman: the Brave and the Bold. The Super Best Friends Forever series is a double play because of their My Little Pony connection. The playlist also includes the neat Princess Amethyst of Gemworld.

The playlist is in order of air date. I originally had it grouped by cartoon but I sort of like the variety. Some of my favorites:

Of those I’ve omitted, you should check out the Batman of Shanghai: “Cat Woman”, “Bane”, “Bat Man”, and the stylized Woman Woman ones: one, two, three. Also, here are the old Adult Swim “Aquaman Dance Party” bumpers.