When Apple unveiled the EarPods, its redesign of the classic ear buds that it had shipped since the original iPod came out, Greg Joswiak said the company had spent three years designing them. The Jony Ive-narrated video says they took molds of “hundreds” of customers’ ears to fit a “broad range of ears.” I have a memory of an interview the company gave around that time claiming that the new headphone design was meant to fit snugly into something like 90% of wearers’ ears. I, sadly, am among the small percentage of those whose ears simply don’t accept EarPods well. They just fall right out of my head if I move at any pace faster than a walk.

All that said, I adore the AirPods despite them being based on the EadPods design that doesn’t work with my ears. They’re amazing little gadgets. The pairing is super simple. You don’t ever have to think about charging them. I love that the case doubles as a charger and a convenient place to stow them. Recently I discovered that if you hold Play/Pause on the Apple TV’s remote while on the home screen, you can quickly switch between your TV’s normal output to the AirPods, which I use when I’m watching TV in bed after my wife has gone to sleep. AirPods are probably second only to the Apple Pencil as the closest Apple has gotten to its dream of invisible technology. You don’t think about using them, you just put them in and music plays.

But they fall out of my ears, and that’s annoying. Actually, the AirPods don’t exactly fall out of my ears like the EarPods did, because there’s no cord to yank on, but they move out of position so that they’re not making a tight enough seal to sound good, meaning I have to reach up and shove them back into my ears every few minutes while on a walk. Fortunately it’s not an issue if I’m just wearing them around the house doing dishes and such. A few months ago I got a set of EarBuddyz, which claim to solve this problem, and I can report that they work very well.

EarBuddyz are little silicon covers for the AirPods that have hooks to help them stay in your ears. The downside is that the AirPods don’t fit in their case with the EarBuddyz on. There isn’t really a way around this. Maybe a very thin skin would make the AirPods big enough to fit in my ears better but small enough to still fit in the case, but it’d be hard. The EarBuddyz solve this by being very easy to slip on and off the AirPods. The marketing claims five seconds, and that’s about right. The soft silicon just slides right on. It’s still an extra step, and if I used them more than once a day for a walk/jog, I’d find it annoying, but until a better solution comes along, I recommend you check them out if you’re having fit issues with AirPods.