Follow-Up to Twitter Favorites and Retweets

Discussing my idea that Twitter clients should show one’s friends’ favorites on another blog, I’ve learned that this (like many things) is easier said than done. Twitter doesn’t provide a way for a program to say, “give me all of [username]’s friends’ favorites”. Instead, a program would have to ask, “who are [username]’s friends?“, then make a request for the favorites for each person individually, then stitch them together into the timeline. So, more like an RSS reader polling a number of different feeds. It could work, but it’d be more complicated, barring Twitter standardizing this sort of query. I stand by the notion that there’s untapped potential in the ability to mark a post as a favorite. My guess is that not many people ever star a tweet, or even know you can, and I think this is because doing so doesn’t do a whole lot right now.