Given the one- to two-star reviews of Detective Comics and The Dark Knight, I’m feeling better about my earlier stance that DC should only ever publish two ongoing series for each character, and those two should be Tomasi and Gleason on Batman and Snyder and Capullo on Detective Comics, telling the exact same stories they’re telling now. Batman and Superman have been since the late 30s. There are still good stories to tell about them, but four a month is stretching it. If I were calling the shots (and probably better for them that I’m not), I’d keep the two best pitches as ongoing stories, and that’s it. If someone else has an idea that’s good enough, it can be a mini-series. In the long run I think it would do the company much more good to limit its line to just books that it can know are going to be good every single month. With four Batman books on the shelves (and the same goes for Marvel with X-Men), there’s a fairly good chance that customers could pick up the wrong ones by mistake.

(Incidentally, the Batman book to read is Batman, with Batman and Robin second, though really the next-best Bat book is Batwoman. For Superman, read Action Comics.)