Graphicly Expands to Apple's Newsstand, Brings Subscriptions To Your iPad

Interesting. So far the trend has been for publishers (DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse) or distributors (comiXology, Graphicly) to release their own apps that serve as containers for purchases you make. You launch comiXology’s Comics app and then buy issues within that app. This model moves them out and onto iOS 5’s Newstand, promoting each individual comic title (The Walking Dead, Morning Glories, etc.). I’ll try it out later, but the way I understand it to work is that new issues will just appear when ready just like they will for magazines.

It’s worth noting that the Newsstand stores for iPhone and iPad are different. From my limited testing you can’t search for iPad magazines in the iPhone’s newsstand.

Graphicly Expands to Apple’s Newsstand, Brings Subscriptions To Your iPad