I was a bit long-winded yesterday writing about the Apple TV. My argument is that to make the product less of a dud:

  1. We need a program that makes DVD ripping a one-click operation, so that we can watch all the movies we already own on our phones, iPads, Apple TV, etc., and
  2. Storage space needs to increase a bit in laptops, so that we can start downloading movies instead of buying them on discs without running out of space very quickly.

That doesn’t solve the problem, though, that you can’t get all the free TV that’s on the TV networks’ websites onto a TV too easily. Apple makes it easy, but charges $30 per show and forces you to buy something you may well only be interested in watching once. Personally, I don’t see why TV networks couldn’t just offer video podcasts of all their shows (wish ads included of course). If they’re already putting the programs on their websites for free, why not offer more ways to watch? Then you could just subscribe to the podcast on your Apple TV and watch it there. (Answer: the networks are afraid of the internet and do as little as they can get away with online.)