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I’ve been listening to The Weezer Bracket, a podcast where the hosts “discover what exactly is the WORST song” by Weezer. While it’s definitely about criticizing bad Weezer songs, it’s really about grappling with that it means to be a Weezer fan. We all recognize that the band released two back-to-back hall of fame records and then a ton that never lived up them. But if you go see Weezer, you find that among all the questionable albums are a bunch of very good songs.

In creating their bracket, hosts Nick Robinson and Andrew Woods made a rule that every album had to have at least two songs up for consideration, but they more or less agree that the blue album, Pinkerton, and the white album are all very good, and mostly left Everything Will Be Alright in the End intact as well. I’ve made an Apple Music playlist of all the songs that didn’t make the cut (that is, the good Weezer songs), excluding those from the first three albums mentioned above. So basically you can listen to blue, Pinkerton, white, or this playlist. 🎵