I’ve been rewatching The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine here are there. As progressive and utopian as the Star Trek franchise is, I also can’t help noticing how it falls into the trap of characterizing all aliens as one homogeneous culture. Tolkein did this and there’s a good bit of literature describing how assorted fantasy races map to assorted real life ethnic groups. It’s rampant throughout fantasy and sci-fi, really. It stood out the other night watching a Ferengi storyline. The show very much depicts them all as these greedy, contemptible people. Over time they build out Quark more and Nog’s storyline is one of trying to push against what his people tell him he’s supposed to be, but the framework is still there. That is: “members of alien race x are all like this and it’s valid to stereotype them that way, occasional outlier aside.” I haven’t seen Discovery so I don’t know if this has been remedied at all.