Marvel To Publish Mick Anglo’s Marvelman - And They Own It

Rich Johnson:

As I teased yesterday, Marvel are to publish the Marvelman comic book. It’s been an up-to-the-wire deal, but Marvel have signed a contract with Emotiv, who are representing Marvelman creator Mick Anglo and will reprint the silver age comics published during the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties.

Naturally there are questions about the more recent-ish Marvelman/Miracleman run from Warrior Magazine and Eclipse Comic by Alan Moore, Garry Leach, Dez Skinn, Alan Davis, Chuck Austen, Rick Veitch, John Totleben, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham that has been under extreme legal uncertainties since the series ended, mid-way into the latter creative team’s run.

I understand it is Marvel’s intent to publish that as well, and they are currently trying to contact every party involved to come to an agreement over any outstanding issues.

Here’s Newsarama’s piece on the backstory of Marvelman and the Alan Moore controversy, and Robot 6’s Marvelman 101.=