More Strange Tales - Stan’s Advice RE: the Name Game

Jim Shooter describes showing Stan Lee the 1975 lineup of the 1975 X-Men. Lee:

“This one, I guess, is Colossus.”

“No, this one is Colossus,” I said, pointing. […]

“But this guy looks like he’s made of metal.”

“Yes, but, he’s big, and….”

“Shouldn’t his name have something to do with metal?”


“Who’s this?”

“Nightcrawler,” I said.

“What does he do?”

“A lot of things. He can climb walls like Spider-Man. He turns invisible in shadows. He’s strong and fast and agile. He has a prehensile tail…oh, and he can teleport short distances. With a puff of smoke that smells like sulfur. Bamf.”

“A ‘nightcrawler’ is a worm,” Stan grumbled.

He looked like he had a headache.

The whole exchange is great. I like how it makes Lee seem way more literary than he really is, and how it’s only a decade after his work at Marvel yet it’s already a whole new world. The introduction of the all new X-Men is generally seen as the official end of the silver age, which Lee personally ushered in at Marvel. (via)

More Strange Tales - Stan’s Advice RE: the Name Game