Los Angeles Times:

Beginning Feb. 1, when the new agreement goes into effect, Netflix customers won’t even be able to add Warner movies to their queues until four weeks after the DVDs go on sale, a knowledgeable person not authorized to speak publicly confirmed. They would then have to wait another four weeks until Netflix starts shipping the discs.

Via Matt Drance’s Apple Outsider, whose entire response is worth reading.

My thoughts? Meh. It’s dumb, obviously, but I think the movie studios overestimate how much I want to watch their movies. If it was a “must see,” I’d have gotten a babysitter and seen it in the theaters. If a movie doesn’t pass that test, I’ll wait however long I need to. There’s no shortage of other entertainment options available to me in the meantime. (This is also why I don’t download bootleg movies. There’s enough new, legally-available stuff that it’s not worth the clicks.)

Netflix deal with Warner Bros. includes delay in queues