Not unexpectedly, Vampire Diaries only lasted two weeks on our TiVo. It was already up against The Office & 30 Rock, CSI, and Fringe, so it wasn’t going to get recorded once the season started in full, but the first two episodes showed me nothing interesting, so off it goes. The teen drama offered nothing at all new that Gossip Girl wouldn’t provide, if I wanted it, but I feel I have to stick up for vampires. They used to be cool monsters, now they don’t even have to go to bed during the day.

My interest in Fringe waned pretty early last year, but I stuck with it out of deference to J.J. Abrams. I’m ranking it third behind NBC’s comedies and CSI, long in the tooth it may be. The new season has some buzz, but I smell another Heroes.

Glee is looking promising but close to going on probation. After Pushing Daisies’s perfect quirk, I have a hard time falling in love again.

Community’s premiere showed a little bit of promise. Really The Office, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother are all the sitcom I need. I’m not bothering with The Cleveland Show.

New shows left to try: Mercy, Eastwick, The Good Wife, V, and FlashForward.