Oscar Observations

Just a few quick thoughts.

  • In general the awards went to whom it was expected. There Will Be Blood was Daniel Day Lewis’s show, so he got that, and No Country for Old Men grabbed the bigger ones, with Diablo Cody getting best screenplay because movies like Juno can’t compete with movies like No Country.
  • They should really do away with the montages. There were fewer this year than in the past, but people just want to see the awards. Do an Oscar retrospective special for the montage-hungry.
  • Ditto the individual songs. Do one long medley with all the different performers.
  • Jon Stewart did a good but not great job. He was a little tamer than last time maybe? Like he learned his lesson that Hollywood is too full of itself to handle being mocked by an outsider.
  • Jack Nicholson is the King of Hollywood, I think. He’s won three Best Acting Oscars, and he’s developed the perfect persona that he can ride on his entire life. I can’t remember an Academy Awards ceremony when he didn’t get a front row seat, and at some point during the show someone always looks down, sees him with his “I’m wearing sunglasses with my tux because I’m Jack Fucking Nicholson” look and makes a reference to him.