Playlist for Songs from The Dark Tower

I’m a sucker for authors who include “soundtracks” to their writing. The last issue of Casanova’s original run in Image Comics listed a song for each scene, and I just thought it was the coolest thing. Each issue of Casanova’s third volume, “Avaritia,” did it, too, which I compiled here. Kieron Gillen annotates his musical references in Phonogram. James Roberts publishes a playlist for each issue of More Than Meets the Eye/Lost Light.

I reread The Gunslinger recently because I was excited about the movie, and thought I’d put together a playlist of the few songs Stephen King mentions in it. Well, it turns out that Patrick Scalisi made a complete playlist of every song mentioned in the Dark Tower novels, so I went ahead and made it into an Apple Music playlist. Where possible I’ve used the versions of the songs from their original albums instead of greatest hits links.

The Dark Tower playlist on Apple Music

It doesn’t include any songs from The Wind Through the Keyhole. I’d have to reread it to see if there just aren’t any songs mentioned in the book (seems unlikely) or if he just hadn’t put them in.

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