"Exclusive" iTunes Extras

Ars Technica has a piece about iTunes Extras, a new scheme where you get bonus materials with movie downloads like you get with DVDs. A few thoughts:

  1. A big pet peeve about DVDs for me is having to bother with animated menus. I really just want to put the disc in, hit play, and, you know, watch the movie. I haven’t bought a movie from iTunes, but I wonder if the extras add this annoying extra step to watching a movie. Surely there’s a way to still be able to get to them that still lets me get straight to the movie, since that’s what I want most of the time.
  2. The main point of the above-linked article is that the extras from iTunes are not exclusive, but are also available on the DVDs. But why would I want exclusivity? Exclusive content means I’d have to buy it twice to get all the bonus materials (if I wanted them).