In the tiny way that such things can, it bothers me that the button on my iPhone that lets me listen to music is called “iPod” instead of “iTunes”. An “iPod” is a thing you hold in your hand, “iTunes” is a program that plays music. If I want to run the music program on my iPhone, I should be launching the music program, right?

The new iPod touch (and soon the iPhone) lets you buy music online. The button for doing that is labeled “iTunes”, but it’s just the store, not the whole program.

So now the program that’s called “iTunes” on your computer is a program that lets you play music (and videos), lets you buy music, and lets you sync stuff to your iPod/iPhone. The program that’s called “iTunes” one your iPod is just a store. Somehow this naming bothers me. iTunes is more than just the store, but Apple seems to want people to think it’s just that. But really you can use it without ever entering the store or buying any music. Most people have much more music that they’ve ripped from CDs than they’ve bought from the store.