Robot 6 Interviews Sean Murphy About Joe The Barbarian

Murphy talks very candidly about some of the business-y things here, and has this to say about working with Grant Morrison:

Grant’s scripts are loose and the dialog is incomplete, but they’re also filled with very particular details about the environment, some of which are suggestions and some of which have to go in. I feel like I’m in a batting cage with the pitching machine going wild. And even though I’m hitting 85% of the balls, some are still going by.

One of the problems that’s plagued Morrison’s career is getting saddled with artists who can’t live up to his ideas. I’ve often wondered how much of the fault lies with Morrison. Certainly he either doesn’t (or isn’t able to) demand to work with artists above a certain calibre, but maybe he also just doesn’t stoop down to micromanage artists who don’t immediately get him. Frank Quitely and Cameron Stewart are clearly on his wavelength. Maybe his other collaborators get these indecipherable scripts and don’t know what to do with them, and Morrison doesn’t throw them a life preserver where another writer might.

Update: I realized that might have read as me saying Murphy is one of the lesser collaborators. From what I’ve seen of his work, he’s great. I’m very excited to pick up his first issue of Joe tomorrow.