Rumored Apple Tablet May Be Digital Comics's Future

Andy Ihnatko, in an interview with Newsarama:

I really believe the tablet is absolutely necessary to move comics into the digital realm. [‚Ķ] Publishers trying to go digital, in most cases, have missed the point up until now. They just don’t know how to deal with taking a story designed to fill up an entire page and trying to make it work on a smaller iPhone screen or smaller handheld screen. What they do is they tend to force the path that the reader takes throughout the comic book.

“We’re going to need to see the full page,” said Ihnatko, a comic book reader himself. “We’ll need to look wherever we want to look. Artists will have to have the freedom to design the page however they want it to go for it to really work. That’s why we want a nice, big color screen that can at least give you the top half or bottom half of the page and scroll very neatly and very cleanly.

The article is titled “Rumored Apple Tablet May Be Digital Comics’ Future”. But why is the world sitting around waiting for Apple to do it? “What do you do when no manufacturer seems capable of building the gadget of your dreams? Why not engage in a little wish fulfillment about the most secretive company in the tech business?” asks The Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro. Sure, if Apple releases a tablet, it will probably be a great device, but why is the tech world just waiting around, screaming “help us Apple! You’re our only hope!”, as if only Apple can create such a w√ľnderkindle?