Sixes and Eights

Last week’s Battlestar Galactica left me confused about which Cylon is which. I think my memory of last season is correct:

  • The Six (Tricia Helfer) presently onboard the Cylon ship is “Caprica Six”. She’s the one who seduced Gaius Baltar at the beginning of the series. She has developed more sympathy and understanding of the humans than other Cylons.
  • The Six that Baltar hallucinates is based on his experiences with Caprica Six but exists only in his mind.
  • The Six in Galactica’s brig is the Cylon who was captured and tortured by the crew of Battlestar Pegasus. She’s likely similar to every other Six and a wholly different character than Caprica Six. Here’s Wikipedia’s article on Six.
  • The Eight (Grace Park) aboard the Cylon ship is Sharon “Boomer” Valerii. She’s the Cylon who was aboard Galatica at the beginning of the series who didn’t know she was a Cylon until her programming made her start setting bombs and eventually shoot Adama.
  • The Eight aboard Galactica is “Athena”. After the attack on the colonies she and Helo were stranded together, and they eventually conceived a child, Hera. Wikipedia has an article about Eight.
  • The rest of the Cylons don’t seem to have separate personalities. A Two calling himself Leoben held Starbuck hostage, but we haven’t seen that version of him to be different than any other. Likewise with the Threes.