Speaking of Scott Snyder, here’s a page from an upcoming Detective Comics issue (art by Jock) with accompanying script:

PAGE 11 11.1

JOCK, I’d like this to be a page where you show off! The idea is that the first panel is an aerial view of Gotham, with BATMAN dropping towards the roofs. We are directly above BATMAN, as though we’re falling right behind him. The next panel, BATMAN (and WE) have dropped closer to the city, the next closer… And in each panel, you can pose BATMAN differently, highlighting DICK’S acrobatic style with the PARACAPE. In the final panel – and feel free to do 3, 5, 7, anything you want]. We should see a penthouse patio beneath him. Like he’s been dropping towards it the whole time. This is the patio/balcony of SONIA ZUCCO’S penthouse apartment. The place should be sleek, modern, with a rooftop pool, steaming in the cold, a table, a bar, tasteful, sharp … Something along these lines?

Of course, as always, if you have an idea for a better composition – go for it!