Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise are widely, and rightly, considered the worst of the series. Here’s an interesting take on that. From the Metafilter thread about the excellent @tng_s8 Twitter account, user emmtee notes:

If nothing else I think Voyager is kind of unique amongst TV shows, in that it includes a two-parter that pretty much summarises a better version of the show’s entire run than the show itself managed.

This refers to “Year of Hell”, one of the best stories the show ever did. Metafilter member Tomorrowful chimes in with a good theory about the show in general:

In fact, the show had other little examples of alternate Voyagers besides “Year of Hell”: in “Living Witness”, the crew had basically been the victim of historical revisionism that portrayed them as space pirates; “Equinox” had another small Federation starship stuck in the Delta Quadrant that had had a much rougher time of it (like “Year of Hell”, they were showing a much more realistic picture of what a starship might come to look like (and how its crew might behave) if they were stuck so far from home without regular repair and recreation opportunities); “Author, Author” had the EMH writing a roman a clef set aboard a thinly-disguised Voyager with alternate versions of the characters; there were a couple of episodes where the entire ship and its crew were duplicated; and so on. It’s as if the writers kept putting in hints that they’d rather be writing for almost any other version of the show than the one that they were on.

He backs up his point a bit more in the thread. Worth checking out.