Switch Wishlist

I am very happy with the Nintendo Switch. I think the company nailed a lot about the user experience. I love the simplicity of the hardware design. The games are great. Where the Wii and Wii U’s performance hardware compromises left the games at times hobbled, I think the Switch is powerful enough to run AAA-level games. The hybrid nature matches modern, on-the-go lifestyles we’ve come to expect in the pocket computer era. But since I like it so much I want it to be perfect, here are a few wishlist items, in order of their importance to me.

  1. Online backup. As it stands, if you lose your Switch, or it gets stolen, or you break it, all of your data goes with it. Nintendo needs to implement some sort of cloud saving. It’s hard to excuse this not being present, especially on a portable machine.
  2. Bluetooth headphone support. The console already uses Bluetooth to communicate with its controllers. I don’t know if there’s a technical limitation that would disalllow a patch to allow wireless headphones to work of if a future hardware revision would be required. It’s funny that while Nintendo was exactly on time implementing USB-C for charging it’s behind on wireless headphones just as they’re becoming mainstream.
  3. Virtual Console. Now that Nintendo has a unified account system I’d really like it to go ahead and promise that titles you buy will carry forward to other systems. No more buying a new copy of Super Mario Bros. on every new machine. Suck up the revenue loss and do what Apple does and make purchases universal. Then relentlessly port everything so that I can play every Nintendo game I want to anywhere it’ll run. Its back catalogue is a tremendous strength for Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft, because they don’t produce nearly as many of their own games, don’t have the ability to keep up here.
  4. Production speed. I’d love to play Splatoon 2 with other people I know, but you simply can’t buy the Switch anywhere. Likewise with amiibo. Lots of people speculate about what percentage of Nintendo’s supply problems are malice and what are incompetence, but it doesn’t matter much. By Christmas surely there will be enough out there but it’s still super frustrating.
  5. The eShop doesn’t let you preorder games, a feature the 3DS has had for years. You should be able to preorder games and have them loaded and ready to go upon release. One would think this would also help Nintedo’s servers spread out the load a little.
  6. An officially-supported dongle for hooking the Switch up to TVs while traveling, similar to Apple’s lightning + HDMI adapter. Just a tiny thing that can charge the Switch and plug into a TV.
  7. Voice chat is not a priority for me whatsoever but it’s still a major feature gap. Nintendo’s “use a separate smart phone app” solution is… sweet.
  8. Netflix, Twitch, and so forth would be a nice plus but I’m fairly happy continuing to use my phone or iPad for that purpose.
  9. Right now you can post screenshots to Twitter but you can’t crop them first.
  10. It would be nice to be able to record and post short video clips.