Take This Cheat Sheet To The Ballpark To Decide When To Leave

For 95% of games, you can leave:

  • During the 5th or 6th inning if the lead team is up by 4 or more runs
  • The 7th inning if by 3
  • The 8th if by 2

Also, this bit was news to me:

games typically range from long to comically long. The average nine-inning Major League Baseball game in 2017 took three hours and five minutes, setting an all-time record. With a new rule to limit mound visits, the average 2018 game is hovering at an even three hours, which is still longer than “The Godfather” start to finish and would tie for the third longest mark in history.

I’d like to see a rule going further, placing a limit on inter-inning pitcher changes (injuries aside).