The Flaming, Poisoning, Raging Sword of Doom

Listening to the recent live episode of The Adventure Zone “Balance,” I had to go back and revisit the wonderful, wonderful saga of The Flaming, Poisoning, Raging Sword of Doom. I won’t spoil anything, but maybe if you’ve never listened to the series, this gag might get you hooked. Here’s a short version with episode links and timecodes.

  1. It first appears in episode 28, Lunar Interlude II: Internal Affairs, where it’s put on sale at the Fantasy Costco for a price far, far higher than Magnus will ever be able to afford. It’s introduced at 52:50.
  2. The boys acquire the sword in episode 50, Lunar Interlude IV: The Calm Before the Storm. It’s hard to describe the joy in hearing the very moment that Griffin realizes what’s about to happen. Start at 74:45.

There’s more to it all, but those two clips are good examples I think of what makes the show so special.