The Muppet Fans Who Made 'The Muppets' Movie

Terry Gross interviews screenwriters Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller about The Muppets.

See also “How Digital Effects Gave ‘The Muppets’ New Freedom” (spoiler: blue screens) and the complementary video “The Sound of The Muppets”.

I saw the film last week and absolutely, positively loved it. We took my niece and nephew who didn’t really know the Muppets at all. Sort of had to drag them, even, but they had a blast once they were in the theater. I think the Toy Story short was a good pairing. It was fun and modern, something more kids might know, so it hooked them.

Edit: one more Muppets link. Here’s the video that Jason Segel and Kermit the Frog sent to Amy Adams asking her to be in the movie.

The Muppet Fans Who Made ‘The Muppets’ Movie