The Na'vi's Lack of Faith

Roger Ebert published a letter from a fan writing about the religion of the Na’vi in Avatar.

[O]n Pandora, the connectedness of life, the sacredness of the forest and the existence of a benevolent higher power are all impossible to miss. The Na’vi aren’t creatively interpreting their world: they are merely acknowledging the obvious.


The Na’vi get to have the easy part of religion—the comfort that life is meaningful and death is not the end—and they don’t even have to do the hard part, which is to take a leap of faith.

Indeed. Of course they live in perfect harmony with nature. Their planet literally tells them when it doesn’t like something they do.

I haven’t read The Omnivore’s Dilemma. It’s on my list, but since everything I know about it leads me to believe that I already agree with it, I haven’t made it a huge priority. Michael Pollan was on The Daily Show earlier this week, and he makes so much sense that it’s sad we’re so far from where we should so obviously be.