The Triumph of Intellect and Romance Over Brute Force and Cynicism

Craig Ferguson did a Doctor Who episode a few weeks ago. It started with him looking glum saying that he’d choreographed a dance routine set to the Doctor Who theme music but wasn’t allowed to show it because of right issues. At the time I thought it was a joke, that is, he was saying he’d choreographed this great dance number but really hadn’t. Yesterday the actual footage made its way onto YouTube. You can also watch the whole episode here, or just the opening on CBS’s site. I’m curious to see if CBS rotates the video off its site before it asks YouTube to take its copy down.

This YouTube video of every Doctor Who title sequence is fairly interesting to watch as well. The theme, written in 1963, is one of the first examples of electronic music used on television. I love how each incarnation of the show puts its own spin on the music, and how you can clearly see the era each comes from just by the style of its titles.