Twin Peaks and My So-Called Life

There’s a new boxed set of Twin Peaks out on DVD. I already have both seasons, but this is the one to get if you don’t.

The Washington Post has a review of the set. It includes the original pilot for the first time in American release, which is important as the European version contains spoilers in the form of extra footage incorporated from later episodes in a bizarre attempt to make the pilot a self-contained movie. Here’s the best resource about the series I’ve found online, which helps explain some of the mythology in the series. Many people consider season two to be far inferior to earlier episodes. Either you’ve built up a love of the characters and you’ll enjoy it, or you can stop watching after episode 16. Personally I love it all the way through. Also, the movie, Fire Walk with Me, should only be watched once after you’ve finished the whole series.

Speaking of new releases of DVDs I already own, there’s a new collection of My So-Called Life out which includes a book with essays about the series by series creator Winnie Holzman as well as Joss Whedon, Janeane Garofalo, and Michele Byers. Here’s IGN’s review of the DVD.