USA Today Has a “First Look” at Marvel’s new “Heroic Age”

I wouldn’t call myself a purist, and there’s no guarantee that the photo in the article is Bendis’s new Avengers lineup, but I don’t think mutants should be on the team. In my mind, Marvel has three main categories of characters:

  1. X-Men
  2. The Fantastic Four
  3. Avengers

Wolverine was fine on the New Avengers, but ultimately Bendis didn’t do much with him. Spider-Man makes more sense, though he maybe belongs in a fourth “street level heroes” category with Daredevil. (Bendis likes those characters, putting Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Iron Fist all on his initial team.) Ultimately, I’d like to see mutants all stick to X-Men books.