I downloaded Weezer’s new album this morning and listened to it on the Metro. I can never tell how I feel about a new record until I’ve heard it a few times, but it’s pretty good. I loved Weezer (the green one) when it came out but it hasn’t aged as well, and Maladroit and Make Believe never made it into any lasting rotation. Really Weezer (the blue one) and Pinkerton are all I need from that band (yet I keep giving them my money).

Anyway, remember those logic puzzles from school where you’d have a pattern and have to extrapolate the next items in the series? Here’s what Weezer seems to be doing:

  1. Self-titled album (blue)
  2. One named album (Pinkerton)
  3. Self-titled album (green)
  4. Named album (Maladroit)
  5. Named album (Make Believe)
  6. Self-titled album (red)

So it looks like it’s a color, then either n+1 titled albums, or perhaps *n**2. To stick to their pattern they need to release three or four more named albums before another color.