Xombi is getting a small bit of promotion by DC Comics, and it’s a comic that I think everyone who regularly reads comics should buy. It’s really, really good. The first issue came out last week so it should still be available from most stores.

Xombi 1 Cover

The original Xombi series came out in the mid-90s but only lasted 21 issues. Most people compare it to Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol. The new series (which requires zero knowledge of the original–reading it you wouldn’t even know there was an original) takes a bit of China MiĆ©ville and combines it with The Tick.

Here are two interviews with writer John Rozum, which include previews of the first few pages with incredible art by Frazer Irving.

  1. iFanboy: “John Rozum on XOMBI #1
  2. io9: “The Return of Xombi, the 1990s Comic That Made Alan Moore Freak Out

Please do check it out, because I think it’s really good and I want them to make many more issues.