The New Laws of TV Upgrading

Alexis Madrigal, writing for The Atlantic, argues against the idea that new TV technology coming out every year is causing people to buy TVs more often. I think I agree. I certainly don’t plan to buy a new TV any time soon if I can help it.

Unless Apple comes in and changes the game. I’m having a very hard time not flashing back to five or six years ago when the cell phone market was begging for a revolution. What was so odd is that article after article would come out simply begging Apple to please, please save us all from our crappy cell phones and make one itself. As if Apple were the only company that could. But of course it was. No company currently in the game could do it because they were all stuck to their status quo. If you buy a Samsung TV and Blu-Ray player they try to work together and set themselves up, but all in a way that’s very much coming from the way things have been done for decades. You plug one thing into another thing’s port and you set this to HDMI 1 using this remote and do something else with another remote, and so on. The TV industry is waiting for an outside to come in and rewrite the book, and everyone’s just sitting around assuming it has to be Apple. Time will tell, of course.