If you’ve never seen the original Japense Godzilla (not the Americanized version), you should. It’s on HBO Max. It’s not as much about goofy rubber-suited actors as a horror movie about an atomic monster made fewer than ten years after the bombs dropped.

At the start of this century I had a magic box attached to my TV with a well-designed remote. I’d turn it on and it would give me a friendly list with all my unwatched shows and movies in one place, accompanied by pleasant bonks and boops.

The Up Next list in the Mac Music app should really be a source list like your playlists, which would let you drag and reorder multiple songs at once. Except it has to have feature parity with iOS where that sort of interaction isn’t possible.

I feel like every store I go into should be selling 5-packs of cloth masks but I’ve seen exactly zero for sale. Isn’t there money to be made here? (Plus, you know, saving lives.) 😷

I like that two of the best mainstream comics being made right now are Lois Lane and Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen.

Setting up the next week’s Dracula Live tweets is a task I do weekly that would be unbearable on an iPad. I need Safari window with the table of contents open so I can link to the appropriate entry from the novel. Then I have a folder on my computer with all the entries that are titled with the date and time they need to be posted, which I need to schedule the tweets in Tweetdeck (another Safari window). I include a frame from the book’s scene from one of four movies, so I have a folder with those open. I pick a movie that includes that scene, open the movie, it, and grab the frame. Could I do all this in iPadOS? Probably, but flipping between all those apps would be so tedious I’d probably give up on the project. Having all that open on the Mac is the only way.

I really do like the iPad, but it just doesn’t let me do this sort of thing in any way that resembles how I actually want to work, which is to spread all my (virtual) materials out and use them.

More, though, I don’t really want to argue that the iPad necessarily needs to allow for this. If what I’m doing really does only require one or two apps, having a dedicated device that just becomes that tasks is preferable. No menu bar or Dock to get in the way. If asked to choose, I’d prefer the iPad to stay simpler rather than sacrifice some of its elegance for the ability to do a job the Mac already does well.

I’d sort of like to find a way for the iPad, and iPadOS and iOS, to not be seen as lesser just because they’re not optimized for multi-part workflows. If all you need to do is hammer something into the wall, you use a hammer, and you don’t blame the hammer for not being a complete workshop.

Short Magic Keyboard review: it’s great in all the ways people have been saying. I generally prefer the iPad as a touch device but it adds a new mode allowing it to work well for simple-to-medium “computer-like” tasks. Stuff needing multiple windows, though, you still want a Mac.

It’s easy to forget how unlikely it was the Switch would work so well as a true hybrid system. Both handheld and docked modes are great. 🕹

Animal Crossing Nook Miles Item Variations

I discovered yesterday that the items you can buy with Nook Miles from the machine in the Resident Services building have different variations that you have to trade with other people to get. So, here are some of the versions I have on my island.

Acnh nook miles variants i have

If anyone out there would like to work out a trade, let me know. Specifically, I’m looking for:

  • Any color drink machine and snack machine
  • A blue or red phone box
  • Any color public bench
  • The “man” or “Reset” construction signs
  • The utlity pole with sign

My friend code is SW-8511-7394-4129.

If you have Apple TV+, watch the fifth episode of Mythic Quest,A Dark Quiet Death.” It’s a one-off; new characters, self-contained story. It’s not quite “Blink” or “San Junipero,” but I liked it.

When Force Awakens came out a popular comment was that where Lucas had, in Star Wars, remixed all his influences—westerns, samurai, etc—Abrams had made a remix of Star Wars. Except someone beat him to it 10 years prior—and did it better—in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I took a quick trip to the store this morning. There were only a few people out but every one was wearing a mask. 👍🏻😷

Ten years ago I’d not have predicted that “dead dad movie I only want to watch once” would become a frequent Pixar genre.

Tonight I’m supposed to be on an airplane to visit family in Italy. Yesterday my daughter was supposed to be on a field trip. Next month her sister is supposed to have an 8th birthday party. I try not to complain too much, but it all blows, this missing spring.

“The Tales of Ba Sing Se” is a masterpiece. What’s amazing is it’s just one of many Avatar pulled off.

First Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes along to make staying at home easier, then a new DuckTales season? 😍