• Oh! An article on a website about a television program I like. Oh. It’s just a summary of the literal plot events that occurred, in order. 😒

  • Last thing on Superman Smashes the Klan for now: what makes this story so special is how it takes pains to show that even the Klansmen have qualities that let them think of themselves as good people. The uncle character stresses self-respect, integrity, and honesty with his nephew even as he’s preparing go to a cross-burning. Superman’s ability to make them see that they’re not living up to their own values is exactly the sort of lesson we should be getting out there in the Trump era. DC could be doing this with its films but instead it’s making Joker.

  • Run, don’t walk, to get a copy of Superman Smashes the Klan. Fans of the Fleischer Superman films will recognize the detail put into making the character designs fit into the era.

    More about the book, which is based on the old radio show, here.

  • HBO Max has scored streaming rights to Studio Ghibli’s catalogue.

    I own all of Miyazaki’s films on disc but there are still a few I haven’t seen. 📽

  • The Yellow Line

    I’m not much of a sports fan. I like baseball and tennis, but I don’t have cable so I only watch either occasionally (though I’m very excited for the Nationals this year). I hardly ever watch football; not even the Super Bowl. I like the yellow line, though. This piece about sports graphics made me think about it again.

    My sister’s husband, Tom, invented the yellow line, you see. Well, he probably didn’t invent invent it, but he worked for one of the companies that was doing sports graphics when the yellow line came about and (I think) has a patent on it. He’d go to games and sit in the production van and run the program that drew the first down line onto the field. There was a lot of math involved, making sure that it looked good as the sun and shadows changed the color of the field during the game. Making sure it didn’t bleed onto the players. He wasn’t even a football fan, Tom, but he found it to be an interesting problem.

    Years after he left that job, we’d be somewhere where football was on, and sometimes he’d comment on how his version of the line was better than the one being used on that particular broadcast. Not in a bragging way, just in the sort of way that said, “Oh, I had that problem they’re having, and I figured it out.”

    We lost Tom to cancer last year, but whenever I happen to see that yellow line, it makes me think of him, in that production van, not caring much about the sport but trying to put on a good show. 🏈

  • I saw the new Addams Family movie. Here and there it got the right vibe but the story doesn’t ever come together. I’d be more disappointed if the Sonnenfeld movies weren’t already so perfect.

  • As the weather gets cooler we’re starting to get ants coming inside. My plan is to release a bunch of spiders to eat them up. Then a basilisk to eat the spiders. Then a Harry Potter to slay that. I figure it’ll be easier to trap and kill one 12-year-old than like 10,000 ants.

  • Okay, the first draft of chapter five is done, but it’s rough. I kept having this problem where it’s a heist and I wanted to stick to the “proper” format. It’s not like The Killing or whatever, but you gotta do the 1) explain the plan and then 2) have stuff go wrong, except then I wasn’t creative enough to figure out how to get the characters out of the predicament I’d written them into. 📚

  • I’m digging Green Day’s Fire, Ready, Aim and in general the sound of both tracks released so far from Father of All Motherfuckers.

  • With the new movie coming out, I recommend this collection of Charles Addams’s original New Yorker strips. The Addams Family: an Evilution

  • iOS 13.2 Beta Includes Icon Depicting New AirPods Design - MacRumors

    I won’t hold out too much hope, but I’d love AirPods with removable tips of different sizes so they could actually stay in my ears.

  • “This town needs an enema” > “Why so serious?”

    They both get the Joker’s chaotic evilness across, but Nicholson’s is actually funny.

  • My goal with Wallachia is not wealth beyond imagination. I’m not trying to buy a boat. I’d be happy with a new hot water heater, or enough to pay for my comics subscriptions; but right now, my dream is simply to break even on the thing. That means finding enough readers to pay the freelance editor I’ve hired, keep the business registered, etc. It’s not much, but I’m not nearly there yet.

    All this to say, if you know anyone who might like my little historical vampire novel, can spare $1/month, and would like to support an independent author with two kids and a worrying comic book habit, send them my way maybe. 📚

  • Many of these Apple Arcade games are 1 GB or more. If you want to delete them but not lose your saved games, you can go into Settings → General → iPhone Storage, select the app, and choose “Offload App.” Wish it were easier.

  • Analog WatchOS 6 faces that show numerals and not just tick marks:

    • California
    • Chronograph
    • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
    • Utility

    (Half credit to Nike Analog and Nike Hybrid, which show 12 3 6 9 only.)

  • I’m really enjoying Greg Rucka’s Lois Lane series, especially how it picks up from his Renee Montoya stuff from “No Man’s Land” and on. This little bit from LL № 4 refers to a cut page from 52.

  • I was in a Ben & Jerry’s recently and they only offer wooden spoons, which I cannot abide. I actually asked them to transfer my scoops to a cone. If they sold metal spoons for $1 I might have bought one rather than eat with dry wood. I’m shuddering just thinking of it.

  • Sometimes* I wish people had blogs where they could write paragraphs instead of 20 tweets in a row.

    • Often
  • My daughter’s in the orthodontist’s office. I’m stuck in the waiting room listening to country music on their radio. I’d rather be the one getting dental work.

  • There’s an unlikely but plausible scenario that when the next Spider-Man movie comes out in July ’21 we’ll be on our 48th president.

  • TV OS update seems to have undone my “match frame rate” setting. If you have a 120hz TV, turn it on in Settings → Audio and Video. Also, it now auto plays shows when an episode ends, with no apparent way to disable that. 😖

  • I didn’t get any really good photos of last night’s #thezonecast live show, but I wanted to post these because it shows how these guys, by being funny and genuine and working hard, can fill a hall this big.

  • After The Adventure Zone’s live show last night I took a short walk by The White House. It was eerily quiet. Just a few people were walking and looking at the building with (I thought) disgrace. Millions in the streets in Hong Kong, none here. Guess we still trust the system.

  • Another awards show trend I dislike: the little voiced-over quips while the winner is walking to the stage. It makes the show feel like an insecure person who’s jealous the focus is on someone else.

  • Host-less awards shows have no personality.

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