• I bookmarked these 1950s Wilkins Coffee ads to watch earlier this week and just got around to it. So great and so dark! Early Jim Henson stuff.

  • Over a week later and this piece of satire from The Onion is still sitting with me.

  • Trivial Apple product prediction: the next major revisions of the Mac Pro, MacBook line, and iMac (in likely order of appearance) will feature rounded screen corners with (of course) radii complimentary to their monitors’ physical borders.

  • Peanuts in Space is a new short mockumentary starting Jeff Goldblum and Ron Howard. It’s free on Apple’s Apple TV app, which you can watch on your Apple TV (or iPhone or iPad).

  • I am very much of the opinion that the only authoritative say a writer gets is what he/she puts in the actual book/movie. See ¶5-8 of this Endgame spoiler-filled piece. I disagree with them on this one. (Also all of Rowling’s HP addenda.)

  • There’s a brief part in Shazam! that features the Henry Cavil Superman, except his costume is that dumb too-dark blue basketball-textured fabric so my kids didn’t recognize who it’s supposed to be, which ruined the gag.

  • There’s a show on the air starring David Tennant, Allison Janney, Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Hodgman, Jim Rash, and Bobby Moynihan and it’s DuckTales and that was just one of the new episodes it aired this week. 📺

  • It’s sort of cool that GRRM gets to watch a multi-million dollar rough draft of his last book (or two), assess critical reaction, and then write the “real” ending.

  • I asked Siri to play party music and now it’s playing Stroke 9’s “Little Black Backpack” and thank you, world.

  • I have a hockey puck-sized flood sensor in the basement. If it detects water it shrieks and also sends a signal via HomeKit. Last night we had some water (not much at all, luckily) but Do Not Disturb prevented the alert from sounding. 😒

  • Go Comics recently syndicated the strip where Calvin has to wait 6-8 weeks for his Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs propeller beanie. I ordered something yesterday that won’t arrive until Tuesday and I might not make it.

  • Dracula Live

    I’ve started up a little project that I’m calling Dracula Live. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is made up of dated journal entries, letters, telegrams, etc. I thought it might be interesting to break each of those up into weblog posts and see how the novel would read if you were experiencing it “live” from the characters’ perspectives.

    The first entry went up a few minutes ago. The next will be tomorrow at 3:00 PM Transylvania time/8:00 EDT, then two on the morning 5th. Probably those two are the same journal entry, but the novel has a chapter break between them which I’m respecting by pretending Harker took a short break. (That happens a few times throughout.)

    There will be more or less an entry a day for a little bit, then some gaps, then a few days where a lot happens in the story.

    Behind the scenes, it’s all running on a Tumblr blog where I’ve scheduled the posts. I went through the novel and tried to determine from context more or less what time each entry might have been written. The site is hooked up to the @wallachiaNet Twitter account, and also posts into my micro.blog timeline.

    I think it’ll be fun. Please feel free to share around!

  • Say what you will about YouTube, but it knows a thing or two.

  • For what it’s worth, last night’s Game of Thrones looked good on my TV. Maybe the cable compression is worse than HBO Now’s? I’ve also used THX Tune-Up to calibrate the colors on my TV as well as I can.

  • Tetris 99 for the Switch is hard to put down! Very clever extension of the multiplayer game.

  • How mad must the Game of Thrones writers have been when they found out their idea for a giant psychic cartoon character battle between Bran and the Night King set to The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” was already taken?

  • What if that but they all had theme songs

  • I saw popular Christmas movie Shazam! and it’s not remotely perfect but it’s fun and does the right things right. 👍🏻

  • Friends: I have something launching two weeks from tomorrow that I’m super excited about. And something cooler and much bigger a little while after that. Stay tuned!

  • Yoshi’s Crafted World does something (lower frame rate maybe?) to make the game look like it’s stop motion-animated and it’s adorable.

  • Voyager could have done a lot more with having the ship pick up crew from aliens they meet along the way, if not permanently, then for arcs of a few episodes. It’d have kept the show fresher, adding in new characters for the cast to interact with. 🖖🏻

  • 3.5.2 Don’t clutter the foreground

    I’ve picked up a few bad typographic habits writing in HTML/Markdown. From Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style:

    When boldface is used to emphasize words, it is usually best to leave the punctuation in the background, which is to say, in the basic text font. It is the words, not the punctuation, that merit emphasis in a sequence such as the following:

    … on the islands of Lombok, Bali, Flores, Timor and Sulawesi, the same textiles …

    But if the same names are emphasized by setting them in the italic rather than bold, there is no advantage in leaving the punctuation in roman. With italic text, italic punctuation normally gives better letterset and thus looks less obtrusive:

    … on the islands of Lombok, Bali, Flores, Timor and Sulawesi, the same textiles …

    Typically in HTML you just surround an entire phrase in the bold or italic tag. Bringhurst urges one to take the time to wrap each word appropriately.

    It’s also why I’ve had less interest in XHTML’s “semantic” tags. The idea was to use <em> for emphasis and <strong> for strong emphasis so thet the underlying tags have semantic meaning. Say why you’re adding italics or bold, don’t just do it. But it was always a clunky, programmer’s brain way to do it. You’re supposed to use the <cite> tag, for example, if you’re italicizing because the word is a literary work, but for short stories we don’t italicize citations, we use quotation marks. And of course Markdown was designed to make writing simpler and to keep all those tags from cluttering up your text, yet it uses <em> and <strong> where I think it should use <i> and <b>.

  • Game of Thrones’s 8th season debuts in two weeks. Consider, as we enjoy each one over the subsequent month-and-a-half, how less exciting it would be if HBO did Netflix’s “release them all at once” model.

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