• For Father’s Day my family got me some nephews.

  • SwiftUI is cold-blooded in how much code it lets you remove. You’re not sure whether to hate it for it or love it.

  • I saw When Marnie Was There tonight. It’s a beautiful movie told in a gentle way. There are a few other Studio Ghibli movies I’ve haven’t seen playing over the course of the summer I’m going to try to get to. 🎥

  • It’s a beautiful day and my polling place is about a mile away from my house so I’ve just taken a nice walk and voted in the VA Democratic primary. Up next: a party with first graders to celebrate the end of school year. I’m running the tic-tac-toe racket.

  • A one act play: I have a .txt file open on my iPad. I want to save it to Files. I open Files in a slideover window, hit back, and drag the file over. Files creates a text file of the file’s name. I open the file, select copy. iOS copies the filename. I walk downstairs to my Mac.

  • Little thing: trying to be helpful, Apple’s type system will kern Roman Numerals. In some fonts, this means that “ii” and “iii” will look different, because the first two “i”s will become a kerned pair but the third one won’t. There’s a glyph for “ⅲ” you can use instead.

  • AR demos still really trying to make “fetch” happen.

  • Short of buying DVDs from another region, there seems to be no way to watch Heidi, Girl of the Alps or Belle and Sebastian. Both are early works by anime greats. The latter was on Nickelodeon when I was little and I remember it fondly.

  • I finished Tiamat’s Wrath. My reading has dropped off lately but I’m cutting TV series left and right that aren’t holding my attention (sorry, SHIELD) to make room for more books. (And, for that matter, I’ve not been able to get into the Expanse show.) 📚

  • Dave Coulier’s Popeye impression is to the 80s as a Scooby Doo or Muppets impression would be now.

  • Lookin’ good, @brentsimmons.

  • If you didn’t cancel HBO when Game of Thrones ended, you should watch Chernobyl. It’s as good as they’re all saying.

  • Just about a year ago we lost my sister’s husband, Tom. His sister, Alison, is publishing a book featuring his poetry, with watercolors by her. If you’re interested, I’d love for you to donate or preorder a copy at their Indigogo site.

  • More WWDC wishlist items:

    1. A built-in API for verifying in-app purchase receipts locally.
    2. I’d love for Photos to use CoreML to help cull photos where the subject is blurry, blinking, etc.
  • I bookmarked these 1950s Wilkins Coffee ads to watch earlier this week and just got around to it. So great and so dark! Early Jim Henson stuff.

  • Over a week later and this piece of satire from The Onion is still sitting with me.

  • Trivial Apple product prediction: the next major revisions of the Mac Pro, MacBook line, and iMac (in likely order of appearance) will feature rounded screen corners with (of course) radii complimentary to their monitors’ physical borders.

  • Peanuts in Space is a new short mockumentary starting Jeff Goldblum and Ron Howard. It’s free on Apple’s Apple TV app, which you can watch on your Apple TV (or iPhone or iPad).

  • I am very much of the opinion that the only authoritative say a writer gets is what he/she puts in the actual book/movie. See ¶5-8 of this Endgame spoiler-filled piece. I disagree with them on this one. (Also all of Rowling’s HP addenda.)

  • There’s a brief part in Shazam! that features the Henry Cavil Superman, except his costume is that dumb too-dark blue basketball-textured fabric so my kids didn’t recognize who it’s supposed to be, which ruined the gag.

  • There’s a show on the air starring David Tennant, Allison Janney, Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Hodgman, Jim Rash, and Bobby Moynihan and it’s DuckTales and that was just one of the new episodes it aired this week. 📺

  • It’s sort of cool that GRRM gets to watch a multi-million dollar rough draft of his last book (or two), assess critical reaction, and then write the “real” ending.

  • I asked Siri to play party music and now it’s playing Stroke 9’s “Little Black Backpack” and thank you, world.

  • I have a hockey puck-sized flood sensor in the basement. If it detects water it shrieks and also sends a signal via HomeKit. Last night we had some water (not much at all, luckily) but Do Not Disturb prevented the alert from sounding. 😒

  • Go Comics recently syndicated the strip where Calvin has to wait 6-8 weeks for his Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs propeller beanie. I ordered something yesterday that won’t arrive until Tuesday and I might not make it.

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