Ten years ago I’d not have predicted that “dead dad movie I only want to watch once” would become a frequent Pixar genre.

Tonight I’m supposed to be on an airplane to visit family in Italy. Yesterday my daughter was supposed to be on a field trip. Next month her sister is supposed to have an 8th birthday party. I try not to complain too much, but it all blows, this missing spring.

“The Tales of Ba Sing Se” is a masterpiece. What’s amazing is it’s just one of many Avatar pulled off.

First Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes along to make staying at home easier, then a new DuckTales season? 😍

Maybe 40–50% of the customers in my Giant grocer were wearing masks this morning. Nearly everyone in the Asian market was.

Is there any argument for checking out the extended Hobbit movies? I didn’t love the theatrical releases. 🎥

With my wife and kids in the house all the time and thus no emergency calls from the school or whatever, it’s been wonderful to have “Silence Unknown Callers” enabled. No telemarketers!

I’d like a collection of Denny O’Neil’s Batman work with the original colors. The only ones you can buy were redone using digital coloring that doesn’t fit the era.

We are not leaving the house most days (walks aside) but when we do, we try to have only one adult go out that day. Idea being that hopefully we’re not all sick at the same time.

With full mouse and keyboard support and Apple’s chips, it’d be nice to be able to play real PC games on the iPad.

Of all the things Apple specifically calls out in the new iPad Pro video, it’s AR. They clearly think it’s going to be a thing some day, but it keeps not being a thing no matter how many on-stage demos we get. Like, Lego Hidden side entertained my kids for about 5 minutes.

If wonder if some day we’ll have the technology to make old airline tickets remove themselves from the Wallet app.

I don’t love that Zoom winds up a big winner in all this. They knowingly built spyware into their app within the last year and only stopped when they got caught, and students won’t have a choice to not use it.

Oh good, my travel power adapter just arrived for my vacation next month. Now just to log onto the news and see what’s going on in Italy…

(But don’t worry, folks. I also have a Disney cruise booked for the summer. Now just to log into the news and…)

Consider perhaps that “white male political Twitter” isn’t giving you a full view of the electorate.

Happy Super Tuesday to those who celebrate! It’s a rare case where we’re voting in an election that hasn’t already been decided and our vote matters a good deal. Also please wash your hands.

It’s been neat finally watching Discovery and realizing I’ve gotten almost no spoilers about it. Either very few people watched it, no one really cares, or everyone has been quite considerate. 🖖🏻

This week’s Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey + Emma Frost is a direct homage to New X-Men 121 by Morrison & Quitely. Part of Marvel’s “’Nuff Said” event, it was a mostly silent issue in which Jean & Emma go into Cassandra Nova’s mind.