A reason for dumping the electoral college that I don’t hear often is how disenfranchising it is. If you live in all but about six states, your individual vote for president is unlikely to matter much, which depresses turnout for senate down to school board.

I’ve been watching Picard and I guess I want to like it a bit more than I actually do? I’m also working through Discovery while I have the CBS plan and feel more or less the same. There’s a better show in there that’s kept back by its longer arcs. 🖖🏻

GIF of Dan Aykroyd saying, “Wanna see something really scary?” from The Twilight Zone but then it’s an Electoral College map.

I’m glad the right movie won Best Director and Best Picture, and also that Taika Waititi won for his Jojo Rabbit screenplay. I continue to find these host-less shows lacking in personality.

What I Might Add to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Since going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in January, I’ve been thinking about what Disney might do with the land of Batuu now that it’s been up and running for several months. Supposedly there’s area available in the land to add a third ride, but that’s a long-term plan. Here are a few ideas I think might help fill out the experience that don’t involve major construction.

Non-Human NPCs. Chewie, Rey, Artoo, Kylo Ren, and a squadron of Stormtroopers are already on Batuu. I think that’s enough for known characters. I’d like to see generic droids accompanying cast members as they make their rounds through the park. Are there Star Wars aliens who can look convincing in costumes just walking from point A to B, or moving trash carts around, or whatever? Right now it’s basically all humans.

Activities. Aside from interactions with Stormtroopers or Rey, most of the experience of being in Black Spire Outpost revolves around walking around and looking at stuff (and using the app to hack into radios, which is really clever). I’d like to have more on-world stuff going on that visitors can stop and watch. A daily space-yoga class that park-goers are invited to join. A booth where kids can play laser darts. A hustler who sets up a table to play space-three card monte until Stormtroopers chase him away. A big screen showing pod racing, complete with a gambler who’s behind on debts with Oga getting carted away by enforcers.

Storyline Skits. When the park opened, the actors playing Resistance spy Vi Moradi, Rey, Chewie, and Kylo Ren staged a full storyline for the press to see, complete with a choreographed lightsaber fight. I’d love to see that come back as a regular event.

You should consider donating to a political campaign, but do not give your credit card to someone claming to be from a party who cold-called you over the telephone.

But seriously, do give some money. In 10 months, don’t be asking what more you could have done.

One of the reasons I’ve never gotten much into digital comics is that while on the surface they seem convenient — no need to go hunt for an issue in a box — they’re terribly hard to re-read if the series has any crossovers, annuals, reboots, etc. A book like Saga, you just read straight through from 1. Star Wars and Darth Vader, on the other hand, have interrelated storylines. A character leaves one book and shows up in another. Luke encounters someone in one series and then Darth Vader is informed of the incident in his own book.

Ideally, then, a comics reading app would let you sort your “up next” list accordingly, perhaps by release date, with a way to manually override the sort order. Maybe even a way for me to set up a reading order and then share it.

But all the mainstream books are copy-protected, so you’re stuck with whatever their parent app does, and no one can try to build their own reader app.

I’ve more or less tuned out of impeachment stuff for my own mental well-being. My congressmen already agree with me and I can’t affect the outcome.

I sometimes feel the real generation gap is people who were in middle school and below when Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z hit and people who were in high school and above.

The Mandalorian, season two.


Mando drops what remains of IG-11 onto a table.

MANDO Do what you can. He means a lot to me. To us.

MAMU FRICK We do our best.

Mamu looks down at her son, Baby Babu Frick.

Reading J.W. Rinzler’s The Making I’d Return of the Jedi, this bit answers a question I’ve always had: Why is Boba Fett so inconsequential? A: The sequence just wasn’t working so that’s how it came out. Barring writing him a bigger scene, that makes sense.

A less saavy show than Watchmen wouldn’t have known to make the Jeremy Irons scenes a farce. It’d have been all dour and one-note throughout.

Lego has a forthcoming AT-ST Walker set. You get Mando and Cara Dune. The question is, what set will include Baby Yoda? An expensive Razor Crest? A smaller set with IG-11 based around the assault in episode one?