I don’t think it’s likely, but I wonder if Apple would do well with a version of Walmart’s disc-to-digital program. Except instead of taking a disc to a Walmart and having it converted to a probably doomed video service, you’d just put your DVD into your computer, iTunes would identify it, then place a copy of it in your iCloud. Maybe charge you a few bucks to get you an HD copy. Maybe even upload the movie if it’s one iTunes doesn’t sell like it does for iTunes Match with music.

The point of this being that Apple will need to do some work to convince people to move to its maybe-being-announced-next-week new Apple TV platform, and one of the big selling points could be, “get rid of all those DVDs taking up space, watch all the movies you already own anywhere you want.” Not that Apple TV isn’t already doing well, and won’t do well with whatever Apple is cooking up, naturally. But I do wonder how wary consumers are of yet another video format, having moved to DVD a decade ago and to Blu-Ray more recently (or not).

Wishful thinking on my part mostly.