Yesterday I linked to Dan Frommer’s piece, Sorry Cheapskates, But HBO Doesn’t Want Your Money. I like what Frommer has to say there, and it’s timed well with my own consumption of HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Having read all of those books, I was very excited to watch the show, yet am only now getting around to it because Netflix had a very long delay in sending it to me. Why did I wait for the DVDs instead of downloading copies of via BitTorrent? Because I didn’t want to contribute to the buzz of the show. If HBO doesn’t want to take my money, fine. But by watching it anyway, illegally, I’d still have been talking about it when it aired, which would have given HBO some positive word of mouth. If HBO doesn’t want my business, it doesn’t get free advertising from me.

(Of course, HBO does want my business, but it’s never been able to convince me it’s worth signing up for an extra tier of cable package.)