You’re free to disagree (you’d be wrong, but you’re free to disagree), but Cyclops best costume was John Cassaday’s 2005 design for Astonishing X-Men:


It strips away all the bulk and needless crap from Jim Lee’s 90s design (the guy is called “Slim”), adds back the hood from the original Jack Kirby look, and it has a fun belt and some piping.

Simone Bianchi messed with the design a few years later by adding unnecessary asymmetry and silly vambraces:


And now it looks like poor Scott Summers is going to be saddled with this look in the new “Marvel NOW!” era:

Uncanny Avengers

For the record, Cyclops’s next-best costumes, after Cassaday’s, are Jim Lee’s from the 90s:

Jim Lee

and Frank Quitely’s:

Frank Quitely

Lee’s because it fits the era so well, and I’ve always liked the Morrison/Quitely idea that the X-Men aren’t really bank robbery stopping superheroes so why put them in spandex? The kevlar/leather with pop yellow look was super cool.